SOAR Programs

Safety of Operations Audit, Risk Management

Airlines have started looking for an integrated audit management solution that offers a simple interface as the data entry during some audits could require hundred of filed and parameters to be captured. Customers often need to implement a single audit solution for enterprise-wide auditing requirements for multiple regulations, mandates and standards such as 14 CFR 121.373, AC 120-59, AC 120-79, DOD QSR, IOSA, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120, Maintenance Audits, Station Audits and Internal Evaluation Program – that includes audit of all major functional departments involved in the airline’s Airworthiness, Flight and Ground Operations programs.

Our team has delivered a comprehensive audit management solution to the airlines to support enterprise-wide audit management, risk assessments, remediation, incident management, corrective action, reporting, dashboards and offline access requirements. The scope of the project includes streamlining the audit cycle through a complete on-line audit workflow, including creation, approval, and scheduling documentation of audit results and corrective actions and closed-loop corrective action system and paperless transmission of corrective action requests. The solution manages the end-to-end checklist data, audit data, corrective action requests data and customer data and provides alerts by a monitoring system directly to the end user via a select communication medium (i.e. e-mail, pager, etc).

Our Platform provides a unique offline briefcase capability that allows auditors to perform their tasks at remote field sites without access to the corporate network. Key functionalities such as conducting audits and reviewing action items has been made available on notebook computers and handheld devices even when they are offline and cannot access the network. The data is recorded in exactly that same manner as when the application is online and synchronized with the central repository when the network is accessible.

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